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With 21 locations world-wide, Phillips-Medisize Corporation employs over 5,400 people, with over 2,000 of which are located in the U.S. Phillips-Medisize is dedicated to meeting the needs and contributing to the growth of all individuals. As an organization, we are committed to providing equal employment and advancement to all qualified persons.

One of the foundations Phillips-Medisize is built on is treating people with respect and dignity as an individual – striving to understand, believe, and practice that all people are important.

Phillips-Medisize Corporation, an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer, is committed to no discrimination because of race, color, creed, marital status, age, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, disability, protected veteran, or any other legally protected characteristic.

In compliance with the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA), if you have a disability or are a disabled veteran and are unable to use or access our career site as a result of your disability, you have the right to request reasonable accommodation. Please note that accommodations are available only to people who are having issues due to their disability.

To request special assistance or an accommodation, please email us at and note "Accommodation" in the subject line. Please note that submission status is not available by email. Requests for accommodations from people without disabilities will not be responded to.

Below are the current employment opportunities with Phillips-Medisize. Select a position for a detailed description and to complete a brief on-line application. 

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Date Job Title Job Type Job Requisition # Geographic Region State/Country City
7/21/17 Senior Purchasing Agent Other P11766 US Wisconsin Menomonie
7/20/17 Administrative Assistant/Receptionist Administrative P9405 & P8967 US Wisconsin Menomonie
7/20/17 Quality Engineer Quality P12053 US Wisconsin Menomonie
7/18/17 Manufacturing Operational Excellence Leader Engineering P11680 US Wisconsin Menomonie
7/18/17 Assistant Corporate Controller Finance/Accounting P9187 US Wisconsin Hudson
7/18/17 Supervisor - Quality Inspection Quality P11827 US Massachusetts Clinton
7/18/17 Maintenance Supervisor Management P11454 US Wisconsin Menomonie
7/17/17 Mold Repairer Skilled/Technical P11813 US Massachusetts Clinton
7/17/17 Mold Technician - 2nd Shift Skilled/Technical P11796 US Massachusetts Clinton
7/17/17 Senior Project Engineer Engineering P10035 US Wisconsin New Richmond
7/17/17 Mold Technician - 12 Hour Nights Skilled/Technical P9855 US Wisconsin Menomonie
7/14/17 Engineering Technician Tooling Engineering POS5189 US Wisconsin Menomonie
7/14/17 Quality Engineer Engineering P11764 US Wisconsin Menomonie
7/14/17 Mold Technician - 12 Hour Night Shift Skilled/Technical P8715 US Wisconsin Menomonie
7/14/17 Material Handler - 12 Hour Days Other P11238 US Wisconsin Menomonie
7/14/17 Quality Technician- 12 Hour Days Quality P11317 US Wisconsin New Richmond
7/14/17 Quality Inspector-12 Hour Days Quality P11877 US Wisconsin New Richmond
7/13/17 Quality Technician - 12 Hour Nights Quality P11318 US Wisconsin New Richmond
7/6/17 Quality Technician Quality P12025 US Wisconsin Menomonie
6/30/17 Quality Engineer Quality P12023 US Wisconsin New Richmond
6/30/17 Maintenance Technician Lead - 12 Hour Nights Skilled/Technical P8830 US Wisconsin Menomonie
6/30/17 Technician - Machine Set-Up - 12 Hour Nights Skilled/Technical P10967 US Wisconsin Menomonie
6/30/17 Manufacturing Technician (Finishing) - 12 Hour Days OR Nights shifts available! Skilled/Technical P12009; P12010; P12011; P12012 US Wisconsin Menomonie
6/27/17 Project Engineer Engineering POS1573 US Wisconsin Hudson
6/26/17 Mold Repairer-12 Hour Days Skilled/Technical P11704 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
6/26/17 Production Supervisor-12 Hour Nights Other P9563 US Wisconsin Menomonie
6/23/17 Medical Manufacturing Operators - 12-hr DAY Shift Other P11997; P11998 US Wisconsin New Richmond
6/23/17 Medical Manufacturing Operator - 12 hr Shifts - NIGHTS Other P11999; P12000 US Wisconsin New Richmond
6/22/17 Manufacturing Technician (Finishing)- 12 Hour Nights Skilled/Technical P2144 US Wisconsin Menomonie
6/22/17 First Article Inspector - 2nd Shift Quality P11995 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
6/21/17 Maintenance Technician - Weekend Day Shift! Skilled/Technical POS7420 US Wisconsin New Richmond
6/20/17 Quality Technician - 12 Hour Nights Quality P8676 US Wisconsin Menomonie
6/16/17 Maintenance Technician - 12 Hour Nights Skilled/Technical P9858; P10817 US Wisconsin Menomonie
6/16/17 Quality Inspector - 12 Hour Nights Quality P11211 US Wisconsin New Richmond
6/14/17 Production Support Specialist - Multiple positions available! Other P11942 (D2) P11943 (D1) P11944 (N1) P11945 (N2) US Wisconsin New Richmond
6/12/17 Medical Manufacturing Operators - 12-hr DAY Shift - multiple positions! Other P11864, P11865 US Wisconsin Menomonie
6/12/17 Medical Manufacturing Operator - 12 hr NIGHT SHIFT - multiple positions! Other P11866, P11867 US Wisconsin Menomonie
6/9/17 Quality Specialist Quality P11978 US Wisconsin Hudson
6/9/17 Strategic Account Manager Engineering P9113 US Wisconsin Menomonie
6/6/17 Quality Technician - 2nd Shift Quality P11734 US Wisconsin Hudson
6/6/17 Quality Engineer – Sustaining Quality P11188 US Wisconsin New Richmond
6/6/17 Strategic Account Manager Engineering P11961 US Wisconsin New Richmond
6/6/17 Quality Inspector - 12 Hour Nights Quality Position-1904 US Wisconsin New Richmond
6/6/17 Strategic Account Manager Engineering P11962 US Wisconsin Menomonie
6/2/17 Quality Inspector - 12 Hour Days Quality P9870 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
6/1/17 Quality Validation Engineer Quality P11691 US Wisconsin Hudson
5/31/17 Material Handler Other P11898 US Wisconsin New Richmond
5/31/17 Mold Repairer - 1st or 2nd Shift Skilled/Technical P11960 US Wisconsin Menomonie
5/31/17 Project Engineer Engineering P11958 US Wisconsin Menomonie
5/31/17 Manufacturing Engineer Engineering P11959 US Wisconsin Menomonie
5/26/17 Metrologist Quality P11870 US Wisconsin Menomonie
5/26/17 Design Project Engineer Engineering P11938 US Wisconsin Hudson
5/26/17 Maintenance Technician Intern Skilled/Technical P11868 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
5/26/17 Project Engineer Engineering P11949 US Wisconsin New Richmond
5/26/17 Manufacturing Engineer Engineering P11946 US Wisconsin New Richmond
5/26/17 Operations Manager - Assembly Management P11948 US Wisconsin New Richmond
5/25/17 Manager - Manufacturing Engineering Management P11590 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
5/25/17 Manpower - Temporary Operators/Plastics Operators Other MP US Wisconsin New Richmond
5/25/17 SMX Agency Temporary Operators/Production Associates Other SMX US Wisconsin
Eau Claire
5/25/17 Principal Automation Engineer Engineering P9553 US Wisconsin Hudson
5/24/17 Quality Inspector - 12 Hour Nights Quality Position-1905 US Wisconsin New Richmond
5/23/17 Quality Engineer Quality P11937 US Wisconsin Menomonie
5/22/17 Manufacturing (Finishing Technician) - 12 Hour Nights Skilled/Technical POS4973 US Wisconsin New Richmond
5/22/17 Mold Technician - 12 Hour Days OR Nights Skilled/Technical P11880 (D1); P11881 (D2); P11882 (N1); US Wisconsin New Richmond
5/18/17 Quality Engineer Quality P11908 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
5/16/17 Customer Service Representative Administrative POS7741 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
5/12/17 Quality Inspector Quality P11878 (N1); P11879 (N2) US Wisconsin New Richmond
5/12/17 Program Manager Engineering P10287 US Wisconsin Hudson
5/9/17 Quality Engineer Quality P11873 US Wisconsin Menomonie
5/3/17 Material Handler - 12 Hour Nights Other P9628 US Wisconsin Menomonie
5/3/17 Mold Repairer 12 Hour Nights Skilled/Technical P11855 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
4/20/17 Business Development Manager – Commercial Markets Engineering P10148
3/27/17 Business Development Manager - Commercial Markets Other P8907
2/10/17 Project Engineer Engineering P9980 US Wisconsin Phillips

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