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Occupational Health Intern

Requisition Number: P11217

Region: US
State: Wisconsin
City: Eau Claire


This position is intended as a temporary internship.  The position will transfer to full time work hours during the summer, and may be extended on a part time basis, based on business need and mutual interest/availability. It is a paid position, but offers no benefits.  

Key Responsibilities of the Position

  • Assists with the overall worker’s compensation program and various health and wellness initiatives
  • Assists Occupational Health Nurse with key company sponsored health initiatives
  • Performance of various data entry and medical records reviews
  • Assists Occupational Health Nurse with preventative immunizations and preventative care
  • Assists Occupational Health Nurse to provide a workplace compliant with workers compensation and OSHA requirements
  • Assist with case and care management for employees
  • May act as liaison between injured personnel, medical personnel, insurance carrier and Company personnel
  • Assists with the maintenance of the overall Worker’s Compensation Program to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and Company policies
  • Assists with W.C. claim submissions, submittals, reviews, loss run analysis, reports and surveys
  • Actively participate on the Corporate Health & Wellness team and various facility wellness efforts
  • Assist facilities with the establishment of effective stretching program for various facilities
  • May ultimately assist or provide FA/CPR/AED/Emergency Oxygen & Trauma kit training to various facilities
  • May participate in various facility emergency response drills and exercises
  • Support safety function by providing training on potential health-related exposure effects or medical topics
  • Assist S.H.E. Specialist with projects that focus on injury reduction
  • Assist with tours with local/regional medical providers at various Company facilities on a routine basis
  • Participate and facilitate semi-annual claims reviews
  • Assures compliance with various governmental record-keeping requirements
  • Assist Occupational Nurse and SHE Specialist in ergonomic assessments using best Humantech assessment tools.

Qualifications - Education & Experience

  • Current Nursing/Healthcare/Kinesology Student enrolled in accredited program (preference given to Nursing student applicants).

Qualifications - Skills & Competencies

  • Ability to effectively organize, solve problems and educate others
  • Ability to utilize appropriate judgment and discretion as they relate to responsibilities
  • Ability to plan and organize work and perform tasks in a timely manner
  • Ability to engage in cooperative and responsible behavior which affects the operation of the facility and the company in a positive manner
  • Leadership skills including ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Decision making and prioritization skills
  • Valid WI driver’s license
  • Ability to communicate effectively with injured employees
  • Willingness to learn to triage injured employees
  • Ability to administer conservative medical treatment to injured employees
  • Ability to administer subcutaneous and intramuscular injections under direction and supervision of Company RN.

This facility operates under International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), and therefore, any person hired must demonstrate with verifiable documentation that he/she is either: (i) a U.S. Citizen; (ii) an active Green Card Holder; or (iii) a “Protected Person” as defined by 8 U.S.C. 1324(b)(a)(3).

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